2018 budget breakdown

If you have ever been part of a Village Church worship service, you know that giving to God's work through the local church is a big part of following Christ (because as Jesus said, "where your treasure is, there is your heart also"). Regularly giving to our church not only supports what we are already doing (ministries, staff, missions, etc.) - but it sets us up to do so much more. It is amazing to pool our resources together (as a "village") to help reach people and make disciples here and across the world!

But a common question that we try to answer all the time is: "when I give to Village Church, where does my money go?" And we think that is SUCH a great question that we put together a chart to show you how our budget is broken down (see below). 

But that is just 2018 - and this year is about to end! We want you to know that we are praying and seeking God on what is NEXT for Village Church. Soon, you will get a document detailing the vision for or church, where we are headed in the near future, and how you can contribute to it! (Hint... Lord-willing it involves buying land and church planting!)