1. SIT DOWN. Don't fall into the trap of mult-tasking. Try to have your kids sit with you, too - even if you have to give them something to color or do.

2. GET RID OF DISTRACTIONS. Do what you would do if you were sitting in a normal service. Silence your phone and put away everything you can.

3. USE A BIG SCREEN. Use a computer or (even better) connect your device to your TV.

4. TURN IT UP. Use a speaker if you can to make sure it is loud enough to hear clearly and drown out distractions.

5. TAKE NOTES. Hand-write notes to stay engaged. If you have kids, make a game out of it (candy is always a good bribe!).

6. SING AND PRAY ALONG. As uncomfortable as it might be, sing along during the music time and pray along during the prayer time. 

You may not see them, remember that you are in a virtual "room" with your church family. Let's worship the Lord together!