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A wise man once said, "The journey of life begins with a single step." The journey of following and becoming more like Jesus is no different. 

At our church, we want to help you take your "next step" - wherever you are - to CONNECT to God, GROW together, SERVE others, and then GO lead others to Jesus. The way we do that is through the GROWTH TRACK. The Growth Track is a series of 4 sessions to help you on your journey as a follower of Jesus Christ to take your next step. 

StepONE of the Growth Track is an interactive, social "orientation" for visitors to learn more about who we are and what is important to us. This is held at our meeting place during the service. No need to register - just show up and we will tell you where to go!

The rest of the classes (stepTWO, THREE, and FOUR) are held all-in-one on a Sunday night in Churchville once a semester with dinner and child-care provided free of charge. This is a fast-paced, interactive "seminar" type event where we will talk about growing deeper in your faith through community through LIFE groupsvolunteering on our Dream Team, becoming a covenant member, and going and leading others to Jesus in a natural and organic way. We will provide dinner and childcare, so let us know if you're coming!

Please register here or contact us at nextsteps@villagechurchva.com for more information.