leadership track

Along with discipleship, we are convinced that raising up leaders is one of the most important tasks that our church can be doing! The Leadership Track is our effort to do just that! 

Through this track, we strive to train and equip followers of Christ to become the best leader that God has called them to be - and then position them or send them into ministry leadership, church staff, church-planting, or missionary work.

This Track is not for everyone, though. It is for people with motivation, maturity, and a desire to take their "next step" after going through our discipleship process (Growth Track) and served on our Dream Team.

This Leadership Track is broken up into 4 classes:

  • Leadership 101: LEADING SELF
  • Leadership 201: LEADING OTHERS
  • Leadership 301: COMMUNICATION
  • Leadership 401: TEACHING SCRIPTURE

This track is intended to help the “working parent” type of person who does not not have the time or money to jump into seminary just to figure out God’s calling on their life. Because of that, our classes are at night once a week during short 6-week semesters spaced out throughout the year. For some people this is after a small group meeting or Bible study or even after they put their kids to bed.

Other than the classes, there is no timeframe set on this leadership track. It could take a year or several years. The point is to be faithful in the little responsibilities and allow God to give you more!

If we can help you to realize your potential and follow your calling as a leader, sign-up below:

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