This app is helpful for a few reasons - After you download the app and login, you will see 5 tabs: Home, Give, Groups, Check-in, and More/Signups.

We currently use the Home screen, Give, and More/Signups tabs. This app gives us a way to communicate, give online our tithes and offerings, and register and pay for events.

How to setup your app

To set up your app on your mobile device, follow these steps or watch THIS VIDEO. 

1. Download the "Church Center" app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store
2. Put in 24421 zip code and select Village Church
3. Enter your phone # (or email) to get a login code. Put the code into the blank.
4. Choose your profile
5. Give your device the authority to use any security features and notifications.
6. Put the Church Center app on your phone's first home page.