At our church, we want to help you take your "next step" - wherever you are - to CONNECT to God, GROW together, SERVE others, and then GO lead others to Jesus. The way we do that is through the GROWTH TRACK. The Growth Track is a series of 4 sessions to help you on your journey as a follower of Jesus Christ to take your next step. 

The first class (stepONE) is held during one of our Sunday services around once a month for your convenience. The rest of the classes are held all-in-one on a Sunday night a semester with dinner and child-care provided.


This is an interactive "orientation" for those newer to our church to learn more about who we are, what is important to us, and why we do what we do.

- - -


In this session, we talk about our LIFE Group ministry (the "other side" of our church) and how you can become a covenant member. We'll help you figure out how God designed you to be used by Him to serve others. It is only in serving others do we truly discover our purpose in life. This class also covers different levels of leadership from our church leadership teams, our leadership structure, and how you can become a leader. We also talk about how God can use you to lead others around you to Him.

- - - 

Contact us for more information or to register for our next GROWTH TRACK