To further understand what the Gospel is, take a few minutes to watch this SHORT VIDEO.

When you are ready, we want to help you make the most important decision you could ever make: giving your life to God! Read these Scriptural truths about salvation and contact us to setup a time to talk!


At Village Church, we believe that Water Baptism is a wonderful occasion and cause for celebration for not only a new believer, but also for his or her family and church. Our baptism services are normally held outside on Sunday mornings behind the Churchville Fire Department and involve times of worship, testimony, and fellowship centered around Christ and His work in the lives of those being baptized.

If you would like to be baptized, check out this document and plan to attend stepONE of our GROWTH TRACK.


At Village Church, we strongly believe in committing ourselves to each other in what we call “Covenant Membership.” Joining a church is not political or even primarily social - it is a spiritual commitment made with yourself, God, and your church family in your heart and demonstrated by signing a covenant. Because we are dedicated to the integrity and unity of our church, we ask that every candidate meet several requirements and agree to several expectations before becoming a Covenant Member.

The process of membership at our church starts with your interest - we are not going to pressure you at all. When you are ready, just come to the GROWTH TRACK held periodically throughout the year. You can sign up HERE or on Sunday. Each event includes childcare and refreshments provided by our church. At the GROWTH TRACK, you will be given a membership application and covenant to prepare you for an informal meeting with a Pastor.

After completing these steps, our elders will prayerfully submit your name to our membership body for a vote of affirmation. If there are no concerns, you will be notified by letter and we look forward to celebrating with you as a new member of Village Church!